DejaOffice CRM
Your data from PC to Phone; Easy, Fast, Affordable!

DejaOffice CRM automates your busy schedule. Use it on PC and Phone to track your day.

DejaOffice data is local and secure. Your data is available even if your PC or Phone is disconnected.

When your device reconnects your changes are updated automatically.


  • Contacts:
    Keeps your call list so you and easily call, text, map and navigate to your customer.
  • Calendar:
    Keeps your schedule so you can plan your day, do the plan, and remember what happened on a day.
  • Tasks and Notes:
    Create, Prioritize, and Check Off tasks. Write and store notes to yourself.


  • Colors:
    Color code your schedule and lists, to easily handle your day.
  • Persistent Alarms:
    Never miss a reminder with DejaOffice persistent alarms.
  • Completion:
    Complete Meetings and Tasks to history stored for each Contact.


  • Efficiency:
    Use DejaOffice with Franklin Covey 7 Habits A1-B2 priorities, Getting Things Done (GTD), eProductivity, and 4 hour work week.
  • Templates:
    Automate data entry tasks using Templats for standard Appointments, Tasks and Contacts

Android and PC Widgets

See your Tasks, Calendar
Week and Month view
on your Android and PC Desktop.

(Note: iPhone does not
have a Desktop)

CompanionLink PC and Mac Sync

Use CompanionLink to directly sync
your Desktop Outlook, Act!, IBM (Lotus) Notes, Palm Desktop
to DejaOffice on your Phone.

  • USB Sync – secure wired sync.
  • Wi-Fi Sync and Bluetooth Sync, - secure sync directly from device to PC.
  • DejaCloud Sync – Flexible cloud based sync for multiple phones and tablets.


  • Map contacts and events – Two taps for directions.
  • Smart Time Zones – When you land, your Calendar is correct.
  • Templates – Set up templates to automate common appointments.

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DejaOffice is Free!

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Outlook Sync for PC and Mac

Sales of PC and Mac Sync products pay for development and support of DejaOffice.