DejaOffice App on Android

Business Class Detail, Category Colors, Notes, Dialing and History for your iPhone

DejaOffice CRM automates your busy schedule. Use it on PC and Phone to track your day. Your Contacts and Calendar are local and secure. You can use DejaOffice CRM even if your PC or Phone is disconnected. When your device reconnects your changes update automatically.

DejaOffice for Android Features:

  • Works on any Android device
  • Android Widgets
  • Persistent Alarms
  • Log incoming and outgoing calls
  • Free from Google Play

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DejaOffice CRM App on Android

How DejaOffice Compares to iPhone Contacts and Outlook App


Even with a quick glance the amount of information displayed by DejaOffice over the Outlook App is apparent. The DejaContacts give detailed information about your contacts without even opening the individual contact.

Outlook App only offers a single list view and no sorting or grouping options, the DejaContacts can be sorted by First Name, Last Name, Company, Nickname, File As, or even a Custom Field. Grouping options include, Company, Category, City, City and Zip, Country, Country and Zip, and a Custom Field.

Outlook App does not have Search, or Map functions.

Android Contacts

Android Native Contacts

Outlook People

Outlook App Contacts

DejaOffice Contacts

DejaOffice Contacts


The Native Android supports four views: Day, Week, Month and Year.

The Outlook Android supports two views: Agenda and Day view.

With the DejaOffice app you get six views: Day, Week, Work-Week, Month, Year, and Agenda (List).

DejaCalendar supports advanced recurrence patterns, categorization and quick editing of events. Further options for filtering and view settings can be found in the DejaCalendar Settings to display your data just the way you like it.

Android Calendar

Android Native Calendar

Outlook Calendar

Outlook App Calendar

DejaOffice Calendar

DejaOffice Calendar


The Outlook app has two widgets, one for a focus email inbox and the second for an Agenda (list) view of your calendar.

DejaOffice has multiple options including a Contact, Calendar, Task, Note Widget. The Contacts, Tasks and Notes widgets give you a quick list of your data without even opening the app. There are several Calendar Widgets.

1. A small ticker which cycles through your event if space on your home screen is an issue.

2. A Today view, which displays any items scheduled for today. The today view can be adjusted to show contacts linked to events and tasks.

3. A Month view, from which you can see your entire month’s calendar at a glance.

All DejaOffice widgets display color categorization along with the data.

Android Widgets

Android Calendar does not have widgets

Outlook Widgets

Outlook App Widgets

DejaOffice Widgets

DejaOffice Widgets


Outlook App does not support tasks.

DejaOffice offers full support for your Outlook Tasks, including Priorities, Status, Completion Percentage, and more. As with all other data synced to DejaOffice, Tasks can be sorted and grouped by several fields. DejaTasks support multiple Priority Styles including the Franklin style.

Android Tasks

Android does not have tasks

Outlook Tasks

Outlook App does not have tasks

DejaOffice Tasks

DejaOffice Tasks


Outlook App does not support notes.

DejaOffice app supports the standalone notes portion of Outlook as well. Contact and Calendar notes will sync within the associated Contact or Event. As with all other data in DejaOffice, there are several Sorting and Grouping options for your Notes. Most Android’s do come with a Notes App. Typically these notes are local only to the device.

Android Notes

Android does not have notes

Outlook Notes

Outlook App does not have notess

DejaOffice Notes

DejaOffice Notes

Sync Options

Outlook App synchronizes through Microsoft Exchange (Office 365). So you must have a subscription to this service. The sync is relatively slow, taking as long as 15 minutes to update information to your PC. Data is stored in Microsoft Servers, and is subject to their privacy terms, which allows them to provide "enhanced features" based on your data.

DejaOffice supports secure USB, Wi-Fi and DejaCloud Sync. DejaCloud will synchronize all your changes in seconds.

Android CRM with PC Sync - DejaOffice Mobile

Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes for Mobile Phones and Tablets

DejaOffice on Android

DejaOffice adds CRM Features to Android phones.

Download DejaOffice from the Google Play Store. Set it to sync using DejaCloud. All your PC Data will be in DejaOffice.

DejaOffice fully supports sync to Native Android phone list, which can be used for Caller ID, outbound calls, and outbound SMS text

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DejaOffice Mobile for Outlook

Outlook Android Sync using DejaOffice

  • Use CompanionLink for Outlook to synchronize directly from Outlook to DejaOffice
  • Sync using Secure USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or DejaCloud
  • Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365 Outlook
  • $69.95 for perpetual license

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CompanionLink for Outlook
Average User Rating:
Average rating: 4.84 out of 5 based on 650 reviews.
Free 14 day trial. Price $14.95 3-Mo Subs - $69.95 One-time License.
DejaOffice Mobile CRM for Palm Desktop

Palm Desktop Android Sync using DejaOffice

  • DejaOffice is like Palm Desktop for your Mobile Phone
  • Use CompanionLink for Palm Desktop to synchronize directly from Act! to DejaOffice
  • Sync using Secure USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or DejaCloud
  • $69.95 for perpetual license

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Top notch
By Judd D
on Sep 27, 2023
CompanionLink for Palm Desktop
I started I don't even know how many years ago with Deja for Palm. I loved my Palm and was native to its CRM. It was working fine through Windows 10 but I had a little hiccup moving to Windows 11. When I called support Tiffany was amazing. I received some great recommendations and decided instead of updating to the latest Deja Palm version to move to Deja Standalone CRM. Tiffany stayed on the call with me to ease my transition and guided me on how to get it synced and setup for the first time. Thank you for the great product and support!
DejaOffice Mobile CRM for Sage Act!

Act! Mobile Sync using DejaOffice

  • DejaOffice is faster and has more Act! features than any other Act! Mobile App
  • Use CompanionLink Express to synchronize directly from Act! to DejaOffice
  • Sync using Secure USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or DejaCloud
  • $99.95 for perpetual license

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Best Software Investment
By Ron Schumacher
on Feb 12, 2024
CompanionLink Express
I have been using CompanionLink Express (CLX) since 2016, to sync between ACT! Premium and Outlook. CLX has been and continues to be one of my best software investments. Over all those years and through many changes with ACT! I have had only one service issue and it was swiftly resolved. I highly recommend CLX for your ACT! integration to Outlook.
DejaOffice Mobile for GoldMine

Goldmine Mobile Sync using DejaOffice

  • Use CompanionLink Professional to synchronize directly from Goldmine to DejaOffice
  • Sync using Secure USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or DejaCloud
  • $149.95 for perpetual license

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CompanionLink Professional
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